The White Collage: Danh Vo X National Gallery Singapore X NAFA

6-13 July 2017 - a great learning experience to be part selected as of the team to represent Fine Art faculty in this exhibition. My challenge was to produce a white collage in response to Danh Vo's work for the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden commission. The collages from all 4 members will in turn be made into meta-collage.

Untitled, 2017
Dimension: Varying sizes
Kim Hyesu, Lee Ju-Lyn, Nur Izzati Binte Haji Muhammad Faisal, Yunita Rebekah Winata Chandra

Referring to Danh Vo’s quiet, bold style and his artistic interest in the taking apart and reassembling of identities and cultures, inspired by life experiences and readymade objects, four fine art students present ideas on their identities and cultural background, as represented by collages of four distinct colours: copper, white, black, and brown.

The White Collage: "By origami-letter-folding over 300 stories she authored, Ju-Lyn queries the superficiality of perceived personal and Singaporean identity."

Danh Vo poster.jpg

Leap - A new book, I suppose?

Finally, I present Leap, a picture book for adults.

Although it was completed earlier this year, I had debated if I should print it. A small run isn't cost effective, and large one made me worry about the reception, because as compared to my other works thus far, it is more "art-house" and niche. Moreover, it's my first official 2D visual art work, I'm not exactly very confident. And to top things off, it's a very personal work, so there is also some kind of hesitation with putting myself out there.

Nevertheless, I decided to just bite the bullet and did a very limited print run of the work, and submitted it for the Pameran Poskad 2015 - a postcard exhibition happening at gilman barracks from 19 to 22 Nov 2015. 500 artists are exhibiting their works there, so that kind of lends me strength. Safety in numbers?

I am also putting up the work in its entirety on my website, because... why not? Besides, I believe that the flashcards are the right medium for this work so that the viewers can flip them, spin them, toss them around. If you wanna print it, email me and I'll send you a print version. If you wanna buy a copy of the flashcards, let me know I may have some around. ;)

Indie publishing, indie author, indie artist...  indie is liddat. just do it cos... just.

Updates from Singapore Writers' Festival 2015

I was really excited to be part of an SWF panel! Especially since I've been attending and learning from the festival for many years. Seeing myself in the programme booklet as a presenter felt like reaching a milestone.

At the event, I had a good time exchanging ideas with fellow creatives. Especially fellow panellists Melissa Viswani, Darel Seow, Soumya Ayer, Levene Wong, and moderator Andy Chua. Learning about their work was inspiring and motivated me to do more.

Reconnecting with Roger Jenkins at Singapore Writers' Festival for families, which he co-curated with National Arts Council, felt special. It was almost 20 years ago when I acted in Project S.H.O.P. directed by him, staged at Victoria Theatre. I felt really nostalgic watching his storytelling session at the Asian Civilisations Museum (which was just behind Victoria Theatre). It reminded me of the time he asked us to dramatise a poem as part of the audition. Ah, memories!

Duanwu Dream, Art writing, and SWF!

It's been some time since my last blog update but it doesn't mean that I have been resting on my (imaginary) laurels (if any).

I have just uploaded the images from my land art installation for the joint exhibition "Working title not Working", in Jul-Aug 2015 here. Hope you like them. :)

I have also updated some of the art writing (essay and article) I've written earlier in the year here.

I am also excited about being part of the Singapore Writers' Festival this year! I'll be part of a panel discussing on the role museums play in creative process. The event is on 7 Nov, Sat, at 1 pm, at the Asian Civilisations Museum. It might not seem like much, but as I have been attending SWF as a participant for the past many years, it's exciting to find myself in the programme booklet. haha.

In the meantime, as usual, I'm working on some other projects that are waiting in the wings. Hope to share more details soon!

Of Presence and Distances

Recently got to know two young artists, Benny Teo and Zhang Fuming, who asked me to write up an essay about their works for their upcoming exhibition.

Although I am an avid reader of art writing, it's my first time writing about it formally. Grateful to them both for the opportunity and freely sharing what they did with me. I had a lot of fun learning about their creative processes and concepts, and of course, observing them and their art. 

Check out their upcoming show here

Book launched on 14 March 2015

Yes, the Spider with Seven Tau-geh Legs was successfully launched! Thanks again to library@orchard for hosting us and all who arrived to support!

Some other photo highlights here

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Photos by David Teo ( 

A new rejection ritual?

RARR! Received Another Rejection Recently. I know, they warned me that it's gonna be crazy. Stephen King had a nail in the wall which collapsed from the weight of his rejection letters. (read: But it's tough to go through one rejection after another and still want to press on.

So, I figured I need a new rejection ritual... to pick myself up every time I fall.

Currently, when I receive a rejection, I stare into space for a couple of minutes or hours (depending on how long I let myself dwell on it). I then punish myself by eating a lousy lunch (if at all). That's not very good. I feel like the little part of me that died inside deserves to be commemorated with more, since I really devoted time and effort into the proposal/submission. 

If anything, I should be stuffing myself with fish and walnuts to upgrade my brain so that it can produce better work. 

So maybe, as a new ritual, I should post something positive here - every time I feel that I suck, and feel like giving up. I should find examples of someone pressing on and then press on. (Imagine shiba inu pic inserted here, with "wow, such positive" caption.) It'll create the illusion that there're lots of success cases out there and that my day will come. Never mind that there are actually millions of aspiring writers/singers/artists out there who don't make it...

Sigh. Then again - maybe I'll just knock back a glass of baby formula fortified with DHA and Vitamin E.

It was bound to happen.

I should have known that it'd be impossible to keep up with regular blog posts. As a writer - I should spend as much writing time possible on my active projects, and it's difficult to blog about things that happen in my everyday life because everything that is significant enough to write about will be collected as materials for my next book.

In the past few months, lots of things happened. The most significant of which is when a good friend passed away suddenly due to an accident and that was quite something to get over. I got momentarily seized by a sense of "carpe diem" and felt compelled to work harder than ever and perhaps that's why I've finally "finished" Millie - V. 365, and it's such a relief. I haven't reread the story - but i feel that it's a good and close-to-final version and everything that's left to do is editorial editing (as opposed to structural) and buffing the shine on sentences. I can't believe I spent about 5 years on this story. 

Robin Williams died and that kinda prompted me to I wonder what everything all about - everything he did, everything I do... I don't want to think too much about it because I'm afraid to discover his point of view so I shall keep quiet about that.

As usual, with the end of one project, I'll think about starting a bunch more - so i'm in the midst of planning those, as well as on the presentation of Millie and some others i've been secretive about. 

This update is so toned-down that even I'm wondering what i'm updating about. But I guess I should drop in a note to have those checking in have something to check!

Thanks y'all for staying tuned!

I should have a content focus for the blog - maybe to share writing tips - but there are already so many blogs like that out there. How about "what kind of writer are you" to share my research on writing and creative processes? Please do let me know if you have any ideas. hm.

Writing is spending 2 weeks agonising over "that section" then deleting it altogether...

It's great fun, most of the time, writing and doing what I like doing... especially when everything is going right, and the paragraphs are looking better than they ever did before, and I think I am going to finish the project ahead of schedule, so I go ahead and adjust my expectations... then the mania runs out... and I get stuck on the same section for one day, two days, three days... back to it on the fifth day, then sixth... then again on the eight... ad nauseum, so I just delete the whole damn thing, the entire troublesome section, okay now what? I find that the momentum is broken and the confidence is undermined, because I cannot write! What happened to my winning streak? Can I ever get it back? I want to write like how i was writing before that bloody section again! 

But of course, there isn't a switch, or ignition key, or a petrol pedal to step on to rev up the engine again. I try to write when i don't feel like writing, and everything i write will be shit... so i think to myself, okay, I might as well just sleep... or... go for that long overdue doctor's check up! okay! yes! how constructive! plus, I get to take a break from my everyday routine! 

Alas! The doctor had to go and find something in my body, that's not supposed to be there and we decide to take them out next month, so, i go home, a little confused, and spend the next week worrying about it being cancerous, until the initial tests comes out and luckily, phew! it's not cancerous! i tell myself carpe diem man, but I still don't feel like writing, probably because of the pressure. so i research and read about grants and literary agents, and then i'm reminded of how hard it is for a writer to really make it, and then i think about how life would have been if i were still having a 9-to-5 job then i wouldn't have to worry about grants and i could enjoy the 7 days of medical leave that would have been the best thing about surgeries and shit but the piece of MC is now as meaningless as meaninglessness is to a writer working from home - i.e. it's probably relevant to some aspect of my life, but actually useless since i can't use it in the piece of writing i'm currently toiling over.

Tsk. but yes, okay, let's not go back there. basically, just go and get the gunk out like it's a root canal operation or something and get it over and done with. Since i'm feeling okay about it, it's time for me to finally tell my family that i'm going for the surgery, then they want to fuss over me, so i let them, and they tell me to eat more nutritious food, so i agree and research about food that's good for concentration and brain power, because i need that to help me write, so i conclude that i should take some good quality omega 3 to improve my writing, you know, then, apparently, this omega 3 business is very complicated because there are a lot of different sources, i go and buy some flax meal because of the marine toxins of fish oil, but then i find that they don't work as well so i have to go back and look for some fish oil but which fish oil, there are so many in the market, what DHA, LHL, EPA, HUH? AH! just buy something and hope for the best, and don't worry so much about the money, because you can't put a price on health, mental health, and maybe worry about the neglected blog and how to update it, to do the last month of absence any justice? I think... I shall begin with a catchy title about writing, and about how it all began:

Writing is spending 2 weeks agonising over "that section" then deleting it altogether...

Time flies when you're having fun

Been putting off putting up another post week after week and before i know it, April is almost over! Seems like it was just yesterday that I was panicky about Mar being almost over.

Have been working hard this month, though if you ask me what have I produced, I can't tell you about anything concrete again. Experienced a bout of frustration earlier in the month (if i remember correctly) about how my work is so intangible that there isn't much to show for my work.

I mean, late evening, last week, I finally finished redrafting Millie. I scrolled up and down the document and realised that the story was completed again (for the like, what, 10th time in the past 2-3 years). Okay. Feeling a bit dazed, i stood up from my seat, and went to my husband in the living room, and I said to him,

"Dear, I think i finished Millie."

"That's great! congratulations!"

"Er, thanks, i guess," I shrugged and turned around.

"Are you going to let me read it?"

"Er, not yet, I gotta edit it first. I should be getting to that now, i guess."

He made me sit down and do nothing for the rest of the evening, but the next day, I returned to Chapter 1.

It's crazy like that!

Millie, when will you come home?

Yesterday, two people separately asked me about Millie. Millie is a novella that I've been working on since 2010. 

"When will it be ready? I'm waiting."

I'm also waiting for it to be ready. I've concluded that it's a complicated book and I need to work it out carefully. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew.


The symbology in Millie is complicated. So, so complicated. 

Those who write know that writing a convoluted sentence, e.g. one with repeating words and double, triple layers of underlying meaning might require multiple revisions. Even after all that, the sentence might not work still. Well, okay,

Millie is like that. I wish it doesn't have to be this way, but that's how the story came to be. I'll be trying my best to hurry up, of course.

Thanks to Hans (yo-yo champ) and Mayo, anyway, for your encouragement.

Now, I’m crawlin on the floor...
Starin at the wall...
And waitin for your call...
When, when will you come home?
— Galaxie 500