Lee Ju-Lyn (李裕鈴) is curious about things like purpose, meaning, transience, along the lines of Daoist and existentialist thinkers. Persuaded by their suggestions on what the arts may, she set about learning more. Having recently finished a Fine Art diploma programme and a Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices Masters’ degree programme, Ju-Lyn is now researching independently, guided by a hypothesis that learning itself may provide existential relief too. Her studies is centered on Chinese ink arts and practices as they present similar concerns. She produces combinations of visual and literary art, with a disregard for formal definitions as the boundaries between life and art are also unclear.

Her works have been presented at the National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Lim Hak Tai Gallery. She has also authored and published several fiction and non-fiction titles, including Notions, an indie collective art-zine. She had received the Woon Brother Art Prize, and NAC Arts Creation Grant, for her visual and literary efforts, respectively.

Meekfreak is an alias she also creates under. Check out her works here.

《我的东西》 I Thing therefore I am.  (Self-portrait) 2016. Assemblage.

《我的东西》I Thing therefore I am. (Self-portrait) 2016. Assemblage.