Showgirl: Zarbor


Zarbor means woman in Hokkien. My friend, Jessie suggested this title. Loaned it to the school it for a year at the School of Art and Design gallery, to represent Chinese ink specialism.


This work questions the perception of women and femininity across Eastern and Western cultures and the universality of such values by appropriating Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church (1500) by Albrecht Dürer, and truncated lines from 《千字文》 or Thousand Character Classic, including: (Line 1) 天地玄黃 宇宙洪荒 which roughly refers to “(when/since/just as) the world world was created” and line (Line 21) 女慕貞絜 男效才良 which roughly means “Females are admired for chastity and male aspires for talent and goodness or capability”. The rest of the inscriptions specify the time, venue, and by whom the work was executed. 

Kinda sorry for sucks pictures. Go to NAFA at 80 Bencoolen Street, Wing A level 4 to see the real thing. It'll be there for a year. :)

Exhibitions in 2017 at the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre

Being terrible at updating my blog... means I've been busy making other things happen. Happy 2018!

Participated in two exhibitions last year but didn't share too much beforehand because I was too nervous and anxious.

An acrylic work for the Ngee Ann Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition 2017. Check out details here.  


Also, showed a ink work at the 19th Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists' Exhibition! So pleased to be included but tried to relax a bit more this time! Check out details of the work here.

I must improve this year!

My husband also Teochew.

My husband also Teochew.

The White Collage: Danh Vo X National Gallery Singapore X NAFA

6-13 July 2017 - a great learning experience to be part selected as of the team to represent Fine Art faculty in this exhibition. My challenge was to produce a white collage in response to Danh Vo's work for the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden commission. The collages from all 4 members will in turn be made into meta-collage.

Untitled, 2017
Dimension: Varying sizes
Kim Hyesu, Lee Ju-Lyn, Nur Izzati Binte Haji Muhammad Faisal, Yunita Rebekah Winata Chandra

Referring to Danh Vo’s quiet, bold style and his artistic interest in the taking apart and reassembling of identities and cultures, inspired by life experiences and readymade objects, four fine art students present ideas on their identities and cultural background, as represented by collages of four distinct colours: copper, white, black, and brown.

The White Collage: "By origami-letter-folding over 300 stories she authored, Ju-Lyn queries the superficiality of perceived personal and Singaporean identity."

Danh Vo poster.jpg

Leap - A new book, I suppose?

Finally, I present Leap, a picture book for adults.

Although it was completed earlier this year, I had debated if I should print it. A small run isn't cost effective, and large one made me worry about the reception, because as compared to my other works thus far, it is more "art-house" and niche. Moreover, it's my first official 2D visual art work, I'm not exactly very confident. And to top things off, it's a very personal work, so there is also some kind of hesitation with putting myself out there.

Nevertheless, I decided to just bite the bullet and did a very limited print run of the work, and submitted it for the Pameran Poskad 2015 - a postcard exhibition happening at gilman barracks from 19 to 22 Nov 2015. 500 artists are exhibiting their works there, so that kind of lends me strength. Safety in numbers?

I am also putting up the work in its entirety on my website, because... why not? Besides, I believe that the flashcards are the right medium for this work so that the viewers can flip them, spin them, toss them around. If you wanna print it, email me and I'll send you a print version. If you wanna buy a copy of the flashcards, let me know I may have some around. ;)

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