Showgirl: Zarbor


Zarbor means woman in Hokkien. My friend, Jessie suggested this title. Loaned it to the school it for a year at the School of Art and Design gallery, to represent Chinese ink specialism.


This work questions the perception of women and femininity across Eastern and Western cultures and the universality of such values by appropriating Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church (1500) by Albrecht Dürer, and truncated lines from 《千字文》 or Thousand Character Classic, including: (Line 1) 天地玄黃 宇宙洪荒 which roughly refers to “(when/since/just as) the world world was created” and line (Line 21) 女慕貞絜 男效才良 which roughly means “Females are admired for chastity and male aspires for talent and goodness or capability”. The rest of the inscriptions specify the time, venue, and by whom the work was executed. 

Kinda sorry for sucks pictures. Go to NAFA at 80 Bencoolen Street, Wing A level 4 to see the real thing. It'll be there for a year. :)

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