Reflections on Career Transition

Reflections on Career Transition is a guide for those looking to change their careers or jobs. It facilitates personal reflection on the meaning and purpose of work. It features easy-to-use planning models and checklists for readers to assess the relevance of their careers to their personal aspirations. The book also includes 12 insightful sharing from people who have made a career transition in their 40s and 50s.

Reflections was produced in a magazine format by the Career Transition Resource Centre, Ministry of Defence, Singapore, especially for personnel transiting from their military careers.

Gaining insights

I enjoyed writing the book and working with the creative team to put the book together into layout. Having conducted the 12 interviews personally, I was also moved by the insight and advice offered by the interviewees, and write this book with hopes to share the positive experience with others.

Here are three of my favourite quotations:

We are responsible to ourselves to live up to our fullest potential. In whatever position we are in, it’s about how we steer and define our role and future... We have only one life, and one chance to make something out of it.
— Philip Kang Choon Heng (page 08)
Financial achievement, however, is not the sole definition of success as there are other important factors in life... There is always choice in the decisions we make.
— Tew See Mong (page 12)
Everything we do becomes building blocks for our character development, including the positive habits we pick up from work, and the way we meet new challenges, and it is this character that we bring with us into our next career.
— Jayaram Sreenivasan (page 32)