It was bound to happen.

I should have known that it'd be impossible to keep up with regular blog posts. As a writer - I should spend as much writing time possible on my active projects, and it's difficult to blog about things that happen in my everyday life because everything that is significant enough to write about will be collected as materials for my next book.

In the past few months, lots of things happened. The most significant of which is when a good friend passed away suddenly due to an accident and that was quite something to get over. I got momentarily seized by a sense of "carpe diem" and felt compelled to work harder than ever and perhaps that's why I've finally "finished" Millie - V. 365, and it's such a relief. I haven't reread the story - but i feel that it's a good and close-to-final version and everything that's left to do is editorial editing (as opposed to structural) and buffing the shine on sentences. I can't believe I spent about 5 years on this story. 

Robin Williams died and that kinda prompted me to I wonder what everything all about - everything he did, everything I do... I don't want to think too much about it because I'm afraid to discover his point of view so I shall keep quiet about that.

As usual, with the end of one project, I'll think about starting a bunch more - so i'm in the midst of planning those, as well as on the presentation of Millie and some others i've been secretive about. 

This update is so toned-down that even I'm wondering what i'm updating about. But I guess I should drop in a note to have those checking in have something to check!

Thanks y'all for staying tuned!

I should have a content focus for the blog - maybe to share writing tips - but there are already so many blogs like that out there. How about "what kind of writer are you" to share my research on writing and creative processes? Please do let me know if you have any ideas. hm.