I can’t think of a more delightfully random character. Think about it. A spider. With seven legs. That are actually mung bean sprouts. In Lee Ju-Lyn’s off-kilter universe it all makes perfect sense. If you know what’s good for you, it should in yours, too.
— Mayo Martin (2015)

The Spider with Seven Tau-geh Legs is about a spider who has beansprouts for her legs. Through the seemingly simple telling of her past, hobbies, likes and dislikes, her personality and thoughts are revealed to the readers.

This picture book was borne of an creative collaboration with another Singaporean artist, Levene Wong. Developing from a point of departure from a flash fiction story, the artists explored each other's creative processes and philosophies, to develop the story to its full potential as well as to grow as artists.

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book launch

library@orchard on 14 March 2015

Photos by David Teo Photography (www.davidteophotography.com).


month of March 2015 at library@orchard

The mini exhibition show case was about the creation process of the book, especially featuring recreated work spaces of the writer and illustrator. 

Photos by David Teo Photography (www.davidteophotography.com).