A new rejection ritual?

RARR! Received Another Rejection Recently. I know, they warned me that it's gonna be crazy. Stephen King had a nail in the wall which collapsed from the weight of his rejection letters. (read: http://calnewport.com/blog/2013/06/01/the-deliberate-rise-of-stephen-king/). But it's tough to go through one rejection after another and still want to press on.

So, I figured I need a new rejection ritual... to pick myself up every time I fall.

Currently, when I receive a rejection, I stare into space for a couple of minutes or hours (depending on how long I let myself dwell on it). I then punish myself by eating a lousy lunch (if at all). That's not very good. I feel like the little part of me that died inside deserves to be commemorated with more, since I really devoted time and effort into the proposal/submission. 

If anything, I should be stuffing myself with fish and walnuts to upgrade my brain so that it can produce better work. 

So maybe, as a new ritual, I should post something positive here - every time I feel that I suck, and feel like giving up. I should find examples of someone pressing on and then press on. (Imagine shiba inu pic inserted here, with "wow, such positive" caption.) It'll create the illusion that there're lots of success cases out there and that my day will come. Never mind that there are actually millions of aspiring writers/singers/artists out there who don't make it...

Sigh. Then again - maybe I'll just knock back a glass of baby formula fortified with DHA and Vitamin E.