What I write...

I started writing as a teenager to amuse myself and friends on this blog: Chattering Matterings of the Original Meekfreak, which was active until 2011, when I took on other writing projects. 

In 2008, I self-published All the People Imagine and other short short stories, a collection of my flash pieces from the blog. With the supportive feedback I received, I was prompted to take my writing more seriously.

I was fortunate to receive the Arts Creation Fund from the Singapore National Arts Council in 2010 for Millie, a literary experiment that mixes ideas across art, science, and language. Despite having fulfilled my obligation to the grant in 2012, I’m re-working it to my satisfaction. 

In 2013, I wrote my first full-length non-fiction work, Reflections on Career Transition. It is a guide for those making a career transition with respect to their motivations and priorities. 

I also started work on Mid-autumn Moon, a bilingual work based on the memories of my late-grandmother. I am experimenting with writing in both Chinese and English and various forms of writing, such as folk tales, biography, creative non-fiction.

The Spider with Seven Tau-geh Legs is the fruit of a year-long collaboration with illustrator, Levene Wong. This picture book was self-published with the support of Matchbox programme (NAC) in 2015, with the launch scheduled on 14 March 2015, at library@orchard.

Now, between editing Millie and writing Mid-autumn Moon, I am also working on several other projects, including pursuing literary art. I hope to show them to you soon.


Collection of flash fiction and poems (2008)

Collection of flash fiction and poems (2008)

Reflective Non-fiction

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Career Transition Magazine

Career Transition Magazine

Other writings

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