This is a contemporary, experimental literary work about the motivations of those living in a modern city, where cultures and information converge. It experiments with different writing styles to represent the fusion of ideas and influences of which one's perceived reality is the sum.

Millie is a working-class woman who has strange dreams, or rather, one strange, long and continuous dream that lets her meet-up with mermaids and monsters, all living in one house, in the middle of a valley...

The work was supported by the Singapore National Arts Council's Art Creation Fund (2010). It is currently going re-writing and editing. I hope to present it in 2015.

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From what you last told me, it sounded really exciting and i really can’t wait to read it!
— Hans, Yo-yo spinner, Reader, Writer, friend


Millie is a work that makes references to many different influences. It experiments with the idea of a "literary collage" putting together ideas through connections and parallels. Here are just some of the ideas that went into the work.

Confession on 6 May 2015: Sometimes I look at my list of references and wonder why I had to go and write a story like that.