stories for Pozzie and Keesh

Pozzie is a merman, a wise guardian of Singapore's waters, and a friend of the maritime industry. He enjoys fishing with the lighthouse keepers.

Keesh is a sea creature, distantly related to mudskippers that live in tropical mangrove swamps. He helps out at the port and likes to eat beans from all over the world.

Pozzie and Keesh are mascot characters developed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and illustrator, Wanton Doodle, to promote the maritime industry. In 2011, I was approached by MPA to design the back-stories for the characters, to add additional dimensions and depth to their characters. I chose to kept to their fun, quirky, approachable image, while linking them to MPA's cause to connect and support the vibrant, international maritime industry. 

These stories were first featured in a paper-craft collateral developed in 2012, and subsequently in other marketing efforts.

Pozzie MPA paper craft story.jpg
Keesh MPA papercraft story.jpg