This was a piece that I wrote sometime ago for my blog. Inspired by an image I saw of a dancing baby.

It was then published in a Singaporean literary magazine, Ceriph.

There was a woman who emotionally blackmailed a man into having sex with her. After a few times, she was impregnated, and she emotionally blackmailed him into letting her keep the baby and to move in with him. When she was a few months from the due delivery of her baby, she emotionally blackmailed him into marrying her. Of course, all along the way, she would constantly emotionally blackmail him to get her way every chance she got.

When the baby was born, it turned out that he was a little monster.

He had six limbs and an upside down face – his eyes were nearest to his neck and his mouth nearer the top of his bald head that was made of blueberry cheese cake – as was the rest of his body. To match, he was covered in blueberry jam and a fine film of water – like condensation from being taken out of refrigeration too long ago – except that the water was probably salty and more like the perspiration of a fat labourer at the end of a hard day’s work – which was not how he smelled like, though. He smelled like clean rotten durian yogurt mixed in with a little bit of babies' shit. He had claws like that of a parrot's instead of hands and fingers. He had a tail like that of a rat's. And he had a piece of steamed yam for his little stick of a dick.

When he came out of his mother, the delivery nurse screamed and dropped the baby and felt so guilty for dropping him that she jumped out of the window. They were at the 23rd storey of the building.

The little monster stretched a little and yawned and danced a sneaky dance to his mother's side. It was miraculous that the new born could walk and knew his way about. He then strangled his mother with the umbilical cord, one end of which was still attached to his belly, and the other, the womb.