Working from home? Thoughts on an Oatmeal poster

G bought a book from the Oatmeal. And it came with a poster about working from home. We thought it's funny to just put it up just outside my study/office/writing-room, because I've been receiving questions about working from home quite a bit.

Tangent thoughts:

  • Maybe it's more sensible to stick it outside my front door... like as a warning sign to my neighbours and visitors?
  • I actually think one reason working from home is made harder is because it's so different from the norm. I'll just have to explain to why "i have to go back home to work". because no "boss" is waiting for me in my office, monitoring my movement. And I have to explain to myself too. the multiple roles can get very confusing. :$
  • The poster is more motivational than it is at face value. Because the Oatmeal and poster is a successful blog-to-print thing. Maybe one day, i'll also have a poster. ;)
  • Friends, please warn me if my social skills degradation gets too severe. If, er, you're still there by then...