A worthy accomplishment? Thoughts on a Charles Bukowski letter

V sent me this link sometime back.

It's a letter from Charles Bukowski (American writer) to his friend and publisher about how he felt about regular employment.

I usually feel like I can't quite find the right thing to say about a good piece of writing, because it kinda already says all the right things there are to say about it.

But I guess I shouldn't just put up links without sharing a bit of my perspective. (Since it's important to "value-add".) So, I'll just put down some of my notes along some tangent ideas.

  • I am, and have always been, really envious of Bukowski for having Black Sparrow Press.
  • I wasn't conscious of this when I started this post, but just this morning, I was writing a story on a similar theme. I didn't like how it was going so I didn't complete it. I hope I will be more successful with it next time.
  • If I'm writing a reply to him, what will I say? Maybe things like:
    • Not everyone working in those positions are emptying out. Because some may like their work. Or the money that comes with it. I know many people who are like that, and who won't even come close to understanding what he is writing about.
    • But yes, there are people who understand. And I think they might be better off getting out of the system.
    • And I think we don't need to worry about those who don't understand because they're fine. And they'll be fine.
  • The people who are laid off and don't know what to do can read my book, "Reflections on career transition", that I wrote for my Ministry of Defence. It'll be out soon. haha.
  • He only "got out of the system" at 49 and I'm getting out at 31? I hope I'm good or old enough.
  • What is a worthy accomplishment? To others and to myself?

How are you doing, this Monday morning?
Are you thinking about what to eat for lunch?
I tried spending the morning writing,
But I didn't accomplish much.