Millie, when will you come home?

Yesterday, two people separately asked me about Millie. Millie is a novella that I've been working on since 2010. 

"When will it be ready? I'm waiting."

I'm also waiting for it to be ready. I've concluded that it's a complicated book and I need to work it out carefully. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew.


The symbology in Millie is complicated. So, so complicated. 

Those who write know that writing a convoluted sentence, e.g. one with repeating words and double, triple layers of underlying meaning might require multiple revisions. Even after all that, the sentence might not work still. Well, okay,

Millie is like that. I wish it doesn't have to be this way, but that's how the story came to be. I'll be trying my best to hurry up, of course.

Thanks to Hans (yo-yo champ) and Mayo, anyway, for your encouragement.

Now, I’m crawlin on the floor...
Starin at the wall...
And waitin for your call...
When, when will you come home?
— Galaxie 500