Happy new year, my dear.

Happy 2017!

In the blink of an eye, it's the new year. Initially, I didn't think too much of festivities, but since having cut my hair short last month, I realised that I have many more white hairs on my head than I last checked. When I had longer hair, I always tied it up, and it was not obvious to me.

Towards the end of 2016 I began a countdown towards 2017 with some friends, and appreciated the passing of time much better. I miss those calendars that my grandma used to tear off everyday but I know I won't maintain it even if I get one for myself.

So what? "Life is short", "carpe diem", "live everyday as if it's your last". These are things people frequently recite but don't always remember.

I was just reading Lin Yutang and it made me miss writing to you like this, so I write. I think it might be bad form to write such a long happy new year msg, on Facebook nevertheless, but I am feeling a bit poetic. I feel a little poetic, but I'm worried that you, reader, might miss this sentiment. Indeed, I am worried enough to hesitate, but I suppose it'd be worth it if you, my dear, do understand.

May you, and everyone you can think of, be happy and contented everyday in the new year and every year ahead.