Recommending... 百家讲坛 《苏轼》

su shi su dong po picture.jpg

苏轼, pronounced Su Shi, and also known as Su Dong Po, was a thinker, poet, public servant, etc, from the Sung dynasty.

He is my idol and my favourite poet, so I found and watched a 百家讲坛 series of lectures about his life and philosophy. I enjoyed the series very much and just want to share the link with you: it's here.

百家讲坛 (Lecture Room) is a Chinese TV programme that invites scholars to lecture in their area of expertise. As I find listening to Chinese easier than reading, I really enjoy learning about Chinese literature and history through these online lectures. 

On a personal note, Jq, you and I talked about the things that had happened in the public service, and how my idealism and behaviour were like of a cartoon character (Gintoki Sakata). Su Shi is the guy I messaged you about. His behaviour was also very idealistic and absurd, and since he's a real historical figure... it kinda affirms that my idealism is really applicable, liveable, and protect-able.

And also, to Shir. We talked a bit about my cartoonish idealism too. But see, it's not just me! haha. Anyway, do check out the 百家讲坛 series when you have time in the US, especially since you may miss having some "Chinese culture" around you.