念头(Niantou) Tanggapan கருத்து (Karuttu)

Notions is a compilation art zine put together for creative people who like to think and share and learn new ideas.


Please read on for what Notions is about, then check out here for the submission guidelines, and here for issue 1, and here for issue 2.

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 (nō′shən) n.
1. A belief or opinion: He had an old-fashioned notion of what qualities were most important in a mate.
2. A mental image; an idea or conception: Do you have any notion of what I'm referring to? See Synonyms at idea.
3. An impulse or whim: I suddenly had the notion of walking by the river.
4. notions Small lightweight items for household use, such as needles, buttons, and thread.

The plan for notions


  • Each issue of Notions is a collection of novel/fresh/uncommon/original ideas loosely based on a theme. They can be about macro issues (war, science, meaning of life) or micro matters (fingernails, ladybirds, what you ate for dinner).
  • Contributions will be collected from anyone with an interesting authentic and sincere idea to share, people like visual artists, writers, sculptors, photographers, dreamers, office workers, designers, scientists, hobbyists, collaborators, any kinda artists.


The plan is for an alternative, lo-fi publication. Think monochrome photocopied indie things and NOT spot UV 4CX4C wood-free backed by an ad from fred perry. The emphasis is on communicating ideas efficiently and effectively.


It will be introduced in 2016. The plan is to do it by Mar 2016, but if it's more work than expected, then Jun 2016. And thereafter, as consistently and as far into the future as possible. Expect it to be irregular, albeit efforts to produce it whenever time and energy resources are available.


The plan is to produce it for free distribution as long as it is feasible. Maybe even pass it friends in other countries and just see what happens.

For a compilation zine, a topic is chosen and a call for submissions is released, ideally with a deadline. After all the submissions are in, the zine is cobbled together, tying up a single topic from multiple perspectives.
Art zines are art in and of themselves, of course, but are also filled with art, photos, collages of the author’s own work.

More about Zines

A zine (/ˈziːn/ ZEEN; an abbreviation of fanzine or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier. A popular definition includes that circulation must be 1,000 or fewer, although in practice the majority are produced in editions of fewer than 100, and profit is not the primary intent of publication. They are informed by anarchopunk and DIY ethos.

"Definitions of the word “zine” vary tremendously, but they do tend to have these common characteristics:

  • Self-published and the publisher doesn’t answer to anyone
  • Small, self-distributed print run
  • Motivated by desire to express oneself rather than to make money
  • Outside the mainstream
  • Low budget

For the sake of this discussion, I will add:

  • No need for any special equipment or knowledge
  • Portable
  • An expression of Do It Yourself (DIY) culture
  • Foster a community among their creators and readers" 

  Freedman, Jenna, Zines Are Not Blogs: A Not Unbiased Analysis,
Barnard Zine Library

Why am i starting Notions?

Here are several reasons:

  • I want to create a thing that my friends and I and people like us would like to read.
  • To share works from fellow creatives and the resources to create a book - to share the joy of being read and considered.
  • I've heard exhilarating ideas exchanged between creative people, but there isn't always time to execute them in its entirety, so these good ideas get sidetracked and lost. Perhaps, not all of these ideas need to be exhibited in a gallery in a big way. They can remain as notions, and they need not be lost.
  • I love experimental work, which can be too expensive to explore in a big way, sometimes.
  • Curiosity. I'm curious to see what people will turn in and what will come out of Notions.
  • Inspiration. Deeply inspired by diy, zine, alternative culture.
  • Periodicals are intriguing for its informative but transient nature, and its unification of people sharing the same interests, looking to be casually entertained while transiting between tasks. And...
  • I've been sitting on the idea about starting a magazine for a long time - 10 years kind of long time.
  • Why so lo-fi?
    • No budget
    • No full-time marketing department to look for investment, advertisers, and funding.
    • Love the nature of lo-fi - just zap and arrange and distribute. Chop, chop.