Responses as at 18 Sept 2019. Actually I didn’t fill up yet.

Responses as at 18 Sept 2019. Actually I didn’t fill up yet.

Here are the people taking part in In(ter)dependent studies last updated on 18 Sept 2019.

Jillian, 23, is currently undertaking a BA(Hons) in Fine Arts. 
General research interests and scope for this: Themes of beauty, spirituality and life/death, and philosophy

Lynx is a multi-hyphenate dabbler with an insatiable curiosity. He believes the journey to find the Truth could well be the Truth itself. 
General research interests: Creativity, and how every one can/is practice/ing it.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Studying about studying. How language transforms in meaning in different languages and context, even when the form is the same.

Ahdini. Being in a constant quest about Ahdini's role in art and life in general has been the basis to multi forms experimentation such as painting, video/film, and writing to suitably formulate varying degree of inquiry. She found that intersecting sphere's discourses, though compromised depth for breadth, to align in her nature in making sense the arbitrary: lost of personal identity, connection, purpose. 
General research interests: Human nature, human potential-vice and virtue, mind, personal identity, human's behavior, Virtue reflected in culture
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: How art works within and without structure, rich spectrum of art and limited nature of institution, human relation in giving and receiving (teaching, and learning), intent of higher learning for niche discourses as compared to mainstream, etc. 

Kim Hyesu is a Korean interdisciplinary artist based in Singapore, who often finds inspiration from the very trivial moments of everyday encounters and re-generates the sense of emotions through painterly gestures and digital manipulations. In doing so, she hopes to share a moment of interrelated experiences and create a phenomenological dimension of our perceptions. She has currently obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Practice from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK, and has finished her diploma in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. 
General research interests: Adulting, Mental health, Psyche, Independence, Relationships 
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: How to stay sane, how to love self, how to fight negativity, how to be kind to others, how to live a life to the fullest

Nelson is a ghetto person who believes that the future is malleable and prefers to live in the moment. Fine Arts Diploma graduate from NAFA. 
General research interests: Human nature, mechanisms, our mechanical lives
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: How regimentation constricts creativity. The characteristics man has taken from machines. Mechanical characteristics

Dea Ratna has spent years questioning if ‘she’ felt right. For now, ‘she’ does not, for they are more comfortable swinging back and forth, stepping over the line, destroying that line, obscuring it until it no longer exists. They like to question why these lines exist and why we all must choose one or the other, instead of neither or both. Through their work, they like to tell stories of the juxtaposition between the two sides and how maybe they’re not so different after all.
General research interests: Gender and Sexuality, feminism, linguistics, Southeast Asia history, physics and general science and technology
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: The changing landscape of feminism and gender roles in Indonesia

Jessie Lim is a self-taught artist/traveller who questions about city situations and spatial issues with the fast-paced city where she stays in. Her work explores the human relationship between cultural spatial spaces. 
General research interests: Observation, Communication, Human spatiality, Doing nothing.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: How to self-control, how are people easily irritated, triggering philosophy.

Don Wong
General research interests: Photography. Painting. Art Critique Journals. Current Affairs.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Photography. Art Critique. Regional Cultural Studies. Vanity Publishing. Economics 

Kozue is an artist and a writer who is interested in the essence of creation. Her main works are zines with drawings, water-colour paintings, and poetries. 
General research interests: The essence of creation.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: The balance between the real life and the ideal world(s). Reference books: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Wittgenstein "Philosophical Investigation"

Saiful Abu Bakar is an artist and an art educator. His current works deals with interlacing ideas inspired from his everyday experiences, psychology from inanimate objects to living bodies. Cross referencing the natural world, cultural and subcultural practices; finding connection to the human spirit which may or may never intersect in the real world. 
General research interests: Art, Spirituality, Children, Education
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Arts and engagement

Koh Jun Wee: I often like to draw different analogy to help me with my thinking processes through my practice.
General research interests: Mostly working on readymades and found objects, to question our everyday life and everyday issues.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Currently working on the idea of “silence” and the deeper meaning behind it.

Isaac Ng: I am a visual artist fluent in 2D and 3D expressions, inclusive of site specific design and game engine simulations. I am pursuing research on the modern and living heritage of spiritual and religious traditions, expressed via technological and self directed open sourced projects and objects. 
General research interests: Religious life, Sacred, Visual Design, 3D Simulation
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Sacred and Profane, Object Aura, Enchantment

Celeste Teng Celeste is an MA student in Southeast Asian studies at NUS. She recently moved back from Boston and is figuring out what it means to “study” “collectively” in Singapore. Her academic training, whatever that means, is in Anthropology and Film Studies, and she has made a few short films and documentaries.
General research interests: prisons and military service, infrastructure, activism, labour, horror
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Very vaguely - prison histories in SEA

Ashley Chin is a Literature student on a gap year with infinite curiosity and all the time to pursue these questions. She currently hopes to explore the “Phantom Aesthetic State” I.A. Richards discusses in Principles of Literary Criticism. @the.bookish.traveller on Instagram 
General research interests: Aesthetics, World Literature, Singapore Literature
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Aesthetics

Christina Lee: I have been deliberately pursuing the slow life. 

Rocky H Just moved back to Singapore. Current day-job involves research on housing policy, but works on a range of projects and actions about fostering solidarity, care and hopefully more democratic action.
General research interests: Housing and Land Justice; Collective Action; Ethics of Care; Post-anthropocene; Radical history
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Citizen (Social) Science: research as democratic, civic action, but also as reflexive engagement with society around us. Particularly under authoritarian state.

Ratna has been curious about almost anything under the sun ever since she could read. She loves reading and wish to be a full-time book reader.
Current research interest: Southeast Asian pioneer women artists, Southeast Asia arts history, and Southeast Asian museology.
Intended research areas for #indiestudies: Southeast Asian museology.

Yan Ni: I’m a part time MA student struggling with thesis....
General research interests: Indigenous art & culture, Chinese history, art & culture 
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Complete my thesis ...

Tan Wen: A borderline person who ultimately chose to become mainstream. 
General research interests: Fiction, generally. Anything else interesting suffices too.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: To catch up with my own reading

Ju-Lyn is concerned about things such as transience, identity, and meaning, along the lines of existentialist and daoist ideas. Following such ideas that the arts may offer insights and reconciliation, she hypothesises that self-development lend possibilities too, and thus sets about learning about the arts. Having finished a Fine Art diploma programme at NAFA, and recently, the MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices programme at NTU ADM, Ju-Lyn is now an “independent student”. She tries to focus her research on Chinese ink, but produces various forms of visual and literary art as well. 
General research interests: As above.
Scope for In(ter)dependent Studies: Albert Camus’ The Outsider. Currently reading Erving Goffman’s The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. Just done reading Elegant Debts: The Social Art of Wen Zhengming by Craig Clunas. 

There is 1 other registrants who would rather not be identified openly on the internet. So we are altogether 20 now.