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Writing can get very lonely, sometimes. A writer may never hear from her audience. That is why I'm excited and grateful when I hear from my readers. Your support reminds me that it's important for me to continue to do my best. 

This is a compilation of all sorts of encouragement and response I got along the way from people of different walks of life.

My writing in general

You don’t know me but I just wanted to say that I found your blog after reading an article about you some time ago.
I’m not a regular reader but I do enjoy your pieces tremendously.
Been meaning to drop you a note to ‘encourage’ your efforts, or at least to express my appreciation of your writing.
Thanks for posting them on your blog.
— Kelvin Bik (Jul 2009)
Ju-Lyn has a unique take on issues, but what I particularly like when reading is the simplicity with which she articulates these thoughts in her writing, which makes me look at things differently.
— Lee Lay Suan, Pianist and Manager
... a shout out to young writer Lee Ju-Lyn, who’s writing a book called Millie and Her Dreams. We stumbled upon her first independently-released collection of slightly off kilter short fiction a couple of years back and we’re betting she’s gonna go places.
— Mayo Martin, Author, For Art's Sake, Today Online
Ju-Lyn’s writings never fails to crack me up and set me thinking at the same time.
— Tan Wen, graduate and half-reserved, fully-enthusiastic fanboy
I have been a fan of both your fictional and non-fictional writing for many years. In fact, you are the rare few that I know who can excel in both. I recall a time when I look forward to receiving your perfectly drafted career transition stories and how I was mesmerized by your ability to transform each and every interview into compelling stories without losing sight of the key messages.
— June Quek, Senior Manager, Career Transition Resource Centre
Ju-Lyn’s vivid imagination is matched by a meticulous choice of words and concise writing style. She’s easy to work with, and always open to suggestions.
— Natalie Mah, Cactus Communications (2013)
I see a bit of Murakami and a bit of Kafka when I read some of your stories. I think it takes courage to strike out on your own path, especially in Singapore. So you have my full support as you obviously have a gift for writing :)
— Don Leow, Assistant Director (2013)
If you can’t empty your mind, squeeze it well and you get Ju’s.
— Hāsadhammo Bhikkhu, Medicant, Singapore (2013)
You have a way of connecting things that gets people thinking. Thanks for creating ripples in my mind.
— Cora Cheung, Postgraduate student

All the People Imagine and other short short stories

Hi Ju-Lyn. I’m enjoying your book. These are not so much short short stories as anti-fables. You’ve the quirkiness of Spike Milligan and Edward Lear.
— Felix Cheong, Poet and Author (Sept 2009)
When I received Ju-Lyn’s book, I had expected a collection of short stories. What greeted me instead was a collection of whimsical poems and quaint little tales that takes the mind on a side path through a forest of peculiar happenings. Ju-Lyn’s book is not for the everyman (or woman) but if you like romping through fantastical musings or the visual image of a fairy tale turned on its ear, then this is your cuppa to enjoy.
— Lilian Wu, Founder, The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club
I liked the minimalist poems, like She 2 and Past Times... It takes more time and effort to think about your minimalist poems, but I think it induces a space to think, in the sense that it seems ignorable, but is more rewarding.
— Lai Junjie, Student
I LOVE your book, ‘All the people imagine...’. It certainly speaks to me. You have imagination and can capture it down, kudos.
— Tew See Mong, CEO, SEED Global Investment (SGI)

My Short Stories and Poems

Hi, I simply loved your stories in Ceriph Issue One. I picked it up from a local bookstore a few days ago and both stories stood out the most. As a matter of fact, Ceriph is knocking against my elbow now as I type this to you. I am most definitely converting into a loyal follower of your updates. Cheers.
— Melissa, a fellow girl in Singapore (a comment posted on meekfreak.blogspot)
Well done and ‘Emotional Blackmail’ creeps me out in a good way!
— Liu Yihan (On "Emotional Blackmail" in Ceriph #1)
I like your latest blog, the story of “Kusudama Fairy”... I feel that your story had captured reader attention and make them continue to read. A very nice short story, i had fun reading it.
— Anonymous (comment posted on meekfreak.blogspot)
I don’t know why this appeals particularly to me, maybe its the childhood nostalgia when I visited AMK Jack’s place when I was young... it’s somewhat romantic in a weird way.
— Terence Chew (On "The Chilli sauce and Ketchup at Jack's Place" on Facebook)
This short piece actually got me thinking a bit about other people’s lives as well on a weekday late night/early morning when I am suppose to be sleeping. I enjoyed the read.
— Patrick Chew, Businessman (On "Opium Wars" on Facebook)
I love fairy-tale re-writes! Love how you made RRH [Red Riding Hood] take on so many kinds of formulaic thinking!
— Liew Pei Li, Teacher (On "Little Red Riding Hood went to visit the witch" on Facebook)
You write fantastic stories.
— D. H. Y. (On "Watch out!" on Facebook)
— Vanessa Ng, Law student (On "Watch out!" on Facebook)
I read this...and urm.....speechless.
— Dr Orachat Niyomsuk (On "Relieve" on Facebook)
It read like happy tree friends at the end! but how ingenious for a story.
— Debbie Loo (On "Ernest Beauregard" on Facebook)
Love it! Engaging and witty! A fun piece, a nice read.
— Min Lu (On "Earnest Beauregard" on Facebook)
Was just reading the couple of stories you had on the blog... the way your mind thinks is damn bizarre! In a good way.
— Tan Sian Boon, Manager (2013)

My writing in Chinese

Love your chinese writings! Very poignant.
— Austin Su, Paralegal (On "想你19" on Facebook)
I love your 想你 series!!
— Lee En, Accountant (On Facebook)



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