Lee Ju-Lyn

Motivated by ideas and connections between Western and Chinese art and life, author-artist Ju-Lyn approaches existential and daoist reflections through combinations of writing and visual art.  She currently pursuing Fine Art, with a Chinese ink specialism, at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

At a writing retreat in  Nov 2010    

GROUP Exhibitions

2018:       Grad Expectations, Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
                Potluck, Mox, Singapore
                Where is the Line?, On Air Gallery, NAFA
                Perceptions & Annual HuiChun Fund Raising, Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA
                Fine Art, SOAD Galleries, NAFA
2017:       19th Annual Teochew Artists' Exhibition 2017, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre
                Ngee Ann National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition 2017, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre
                Danh Vo across Space, SOAD Galleries (Bencoolen Street), NAFA
                Danh Vo on Air, On Air Gallery, NAFA
                Mail Art Not Dead: A punk mail art call, Eudaimonia EVENT, Domus Romana Hotel & Residence, Rome
                Danh Vo X NGS X NAFA, Rooftop Studios, National Gallery Singapore
                Fine Art Work-in-progress exhibition, On Air Gallery, NAFA  
                Ink and Mind & Annual HuiChun Fund Raising, Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA
                Awkward X Meekfreak, a collaboration, MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum
2016 :      Images from our Imaginations, Early Literary Centre
                Buku Mini #2, Juara Dunia, Ace House, Jogjakarta, organised by攵 (mei), supported by Ace House Collective
                《南鹭北平》, On Air Gallery, NAFA
2015:       Pameran Poskad, Gillman Barracks
                Working Title Not Working, Pulau Ubin, organised by Jacqueline Sim, supported by The Artist Village (TAV)
                Literary + Visual Collaboration, library@orchard


2017:       Notions, 2017
2016 :      This    
                Notions, Jun-Dec 2016
2015:        Leap
                Of Presence and Distances
                The Spider with Seven Tau-geh Legs
2013:       Reflections
2012:       Pozzie and Keesh
2010:       Iced Honey Latte and Emotional Blackmail in Ceriph #1
2008:       All the People Imagine and other Short short stories


2018:       Woon Brother Art Prize (Commendation)
2017:       Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship
2017:       Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Award
2016:       Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Scholarship
2015:       Sponsorship (for Fine Art studies), Lee Foundation
2010:       Arts Creation Fund, National Arts Council, Singapore


Akshita Nanda, “Young artists breathe new life into Chinese ink painting”, The Straits Times, 30 Jan 2018
Shirley Soh, “Water, Water, Everywhere”, 1 Exhibition 5 Different Experiences, 2015
“New Homegrown Works”, Instep, National Arts Council, Nov-Dec 2010
Mayo Martin, “How to Publish your Masterpiece”, Today, 17 Feb 2009


Since 2015:       Diploma in Fine Art, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
Since 2011:       Chinese Calligraphy, NAFA (Certificates and Specialist certificates)
2015:       Chinese painting, NAFA
2013:       Contemporary Art & Illustration, NAFA
2011:       Chinese Culture and Arts Appreciation, Confucius Institute, NTU
2010:       Singaporean Art History (I, II, III) by Dr Sian E. Jay, Artzorgy
                Art History: Introduction to Asian Arts, Lasalle
2009:       Appreciating Western Art (I & II), NUS Extension
2001-2005:       Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) (2nd Lower Hons), National University of Singapore
1999-2000:       'A' levels, National Junior College
1995-1998:       'O' levels, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

Formal Employment

Since 2015:    Arts Instructor
Giving talks about arts and art appreciation. Educating children on art and various arts technique.

Since 2013:    Freelance writer
Specialising in creative non-fiction and art writing.

2005-2013:    Manager, various public agencies
Specialising in policy formulation and marketing and communications.