I am online less today

Because I did more other things. Read a few chaps of the Outsider, met indie student Don for lunch and a discussion on in(ter)dependent studies and art making and process stuff. He wanted to go NLB to read a book, but I wanted to go and check out the study lounge at level 5. And we did then I went with him to level 8 he wanted to read a photo book and actually i didn’t plan to read there today, but I read with him for a while, picked up a book on Chinese art history and tried to memorise the dynasties (again) and the corresponding representative artifacts, up to the Eastern Zhou which is the spring autumn warring states. right? maybe right. anyway up to the Pre-qin era.

I came home to practice some zhuan calligraphy (which emerge at the end of pre-qin so got the feels) then wrote some 读书乐 which translates to mean “joy of studying”? but studying books. or reading books. joy of reading books. what is studying in chinese? I can’t think of it now.

Anyway I just wrote an email to a former teacher about this project.

and as I was writing it, I realised what I was running away from. what I had been writing away from. when I ran into the arts. then I said out loud to myself, oh no. and then… okay let me compose myself and think about whether or not I would want to write about it.

p.s. the shortcoming of this blog is cannot post video directly. but this instagram stories is quite funny and effective for posting things. sometimes videos must be videos.

p.p.s. I also just checked that there are two new joiners today. To be honest i find it interesting because I don’t understand why they want to join. But then again, why did I want to start, right? Good thing I had written something to remind myself of the reason. But bad thing it’s so long and I am lazy to re-read. actually i don’t always like to read what I wrote.

ppps. The last blog post about the bitter thing. just a random idea as I was setting aside my grinding stone. Got idea come, must set down.

busy busy busy!