Running late!

First study session at cca. I said around 2 to 5. But it’s publicised as 2 to 5 pm and so i’m running late.

Gary, my husband, is going to study with me today. We are rushing over from his parents place in Serangoon as I am typing this. She cooked lunch and made bandung jelly which we tabao for dessert. So yums.

But we’re running late.

Technically it doesn't matter right, it’s a self study thing just go and study by yourself. But maybe there'll be walk-ins. And maybe they’re expecting something.

I can’t anticipate anything, just have to respond spontaneously. So it’s like we’re running late, for an appointment with possibly nobody. If it was really chill then I wouldn’t be ganjiong. If I had the appointment with myself I would have ate the jelly at our parents home. This is some function of self discipline vs obligations or what?

Another joiner registered today. I wonder if there'll be walk ins. Maybe some picked up from the cca social media publicity. It’s very good! See my instagram for repost.

Hyesu and Nelson will come at 3 pm today they say. I wonder what they are studying. I brought my presentation of self book but I may read the books at cca.

This morning I also updated my ig feed and fbs. Lots of typo but I feel ok cos can edit later. I feel most nervous about emails nowadays. Cannot edit after sending.

Late is late cannot reverse time and edit and not be late. But then again. Late for what? Late is the opposite of planning ahead maybe?