Fiction is efficient

Thought of how to be hardworking and relaxed. It’s what my calligraphy teacher said to do. Don’t be open to doing something infinitely. But just do it a few times, limiting it, and then mindfully and purposefully.

I probably shouldn't write infinitely, using infinite words, going on and on. And infinite time to do so because I have other things to do.

So. Limit my time and improve efficiency. So that’s why I wrote fiction in the past. Flash fiction zoom zoom. Layers of meaning and ambiguity embedded without elaboration.

Thanks to my friends M, J, and P whom I met last night and reminded me in their ways. Thanks for the opportunity to share ideas that remind me of ideas.

But it’s also thanks to this infinite blog writing. And zoom zoom notes. That reconnect some loose nerves.

Anyway somethings are important to remember and others to forget. The problem is I always mix it up.

What are things important to remember and thus promulgated? And disseminated? What about life and what about art?

I read the preface of a wen zhengming calligraphy manual this morning.

I wrote a story about fish just now! My first piece of fiction in years! Hurray!