Copyright copywrong

Was sort of reminded of the issue of the institutional copyright thing - like how a research thesis for a master’s degree programme is copyrighted by the university conducting the programme - and then the student who wrote it can’t just put it around everywhere. Something about it that bothers me quite deeply. Like okay, if it’s an engineering company employing a scientist then the research findings patents whatever of that scientist conducted in the lab of that company belongs to that company. So for a university, whose “product” is research papers then… it belongs to the university? Then the university is a business. But should universities be a business?

There may come a point whereby the copyright rules and regulations and redtape discourages the sharing of ideas, and even the generation of ideas - for fear of violating copyright laws that’s designed for like the patents that might be profitable from the bio-engineering pharmaceutical sensor-drone-radar-high-tech faculty? But what’s the opportunity cost?

Here’s me imagining about an airy fairy idealistic impossible world again.