4 Oct get together

There’s been a lot on my mind recently, and one of which is to realise that it’s just a few weeks away from the 4th of Oct Children’s day for our get together. For a group of students with not much money to squander there’s not a lot of places we can do so properly.

Don offered his place and say he can host 8 to 10 people. I wonder what kind get together are we talking about actually, I think we have different ideas of what is possible. I imagine maybe it’s a talk talk and then maybe others imagine that it’s a party. Maybe either is fine actually. But if we’re at Don’s place and somebody breaks a cup or leaves a water mark on his something and breaks a leg of his designer chair or something or what the I feel so worried and uncomfortable.

I think I should come up with some programme or questions to talk about what people might want to talk about and reflect upon the learning experience.

  • Give a general introduction of the initiative

    • of the people who signed up who are present

  • Those who are present may share their reflections and achievements

  • Prepare some of my own reflections on some interactions and exchanges

The question is, if there should be people who didn’t in(ter)dependent study with us and whether or not we will want to invite them to come etc and if they will come.

Either way is okay because - either way we’re each others’ audiences and maybe it’s performative, or maybe it’s secondary whether or not the audience is physically present.

I’ll ask Ratna for opinion or anyone else for opinion and they will ask me what is it that I have in mind.

I have something in mind but maybe that’s not what the others have in mind. then which will take precedence?

What do the different spaces mean? Do we decide by democracy, does democracy mean we decide by voting, or does it mean the people who are going to make it happen just make whatever happen even if it means to choose the path of the least resistance?

Or do we not even bother to make anything happen? So what?