Three-headed dragon

There was a girl who had a three-headed dragon, and this dragon lived in the heart of the girl. As in physically. The dragon was small and it lived there in her heart. Although it was small, it didn't mean that it wasn’t fierce, because it was quite fierce.

One of the heads of the dragon was motivated by ambition and thus named, and another was motivated by justice, and I don’t know about the last one because it’s quite lazy and quiet and inactive and low-key and perhaps not very motivated by anything at all.

Ambition was kind of like the leader. Dragging the rest around. Justice was like the henchman, second sibling, except it was not, as the three heads were born at the same time. The third head was usually in slumber or slow motion or being scolded by the other two. But when pushed to its limits, as it was once, it might rear its fat ugly head and fight with the other two heads. It had severely injured the justice one on the side of its cheek which was punctured and the wound had been festering ever since, it was crusted with dried yellow-blue pus that looked something like blue cheese. When the justice one spoke or roared or moved too much, it would hurt a lot as in this pain would be felt by all three or one of them. And then they would move around even more to adjust the discomfort until it subsided and they would all feel some regret and denial.

The colour of the dragon flesh is green. The blood of the dragon is pink. On the outside, like its skin or scale, was white with black spots. It had the same colour scheme as some dragon fruits. This was quite coincidental. The colour of the girl's heart was purple because no matter its discomfort, the dragon still moved around and bruised the heart a lot. Despite of everything, it can’t help itself.

Thus, the girl often experienced heart ache. She went to the physicians and cardiologists and those people, but with their Western medicine and apparatus, they were unable to identify the dragon. Western sorcery might have had some ways, but it’s not like easy to find sorcerers and practitioners or specialists of such things in the girl's world.

The dragon was something that existed between and both the physical and other dimensions, and it was sustained by the girl's neurotransmitters and hormones and all the chemical vitamins and supplements that the girl consumed.

On some levels, the girl knew that she had a three-headed dragon in her heart, because she could hear them sometimes, and feel them, and she knew them. But she couldn't quite believe it. On some levels, it was the dragon who had the girl that came with the heart it lived in.

Nobody knows what will happen eventually. Should the dragon die? Or did such dragons live on moving from hearts to hearts, possessing them? Like did they apparate or did they propogate like mushrooms with spores? These would be clearer from stories told in the other dimensions, but I guess not in the dimension this story is unravelling in.

The questions I have are:

  • Is this the dimension of the girl or one of the in-between dimensions? I am inclined towards the latter.

  • Did the dragon grow old with time? But…

  • What is the third head of the dragon motivated by? I was going to guess something to do with time.

  • Why does the dragon fruit look like a heart? I was going to say human heart but I think many other animal hearts have the same shape.

  • Why does it not matter who was the girl? Did she live in this or other dimension? In the heart of a giraffe, for example? In the kidney of a megalodon or prehistoric shark? Or in a castle on the clouds that she would go to in her dreams?

  • What happens when they all slept, did the whole world go dark or would they light up? Like fireflies.

  • Was the dragon parasitical?

  • How would I ever know the answers to the above?