Bus jerky

All the jerks the buses make in this world goes into another world to become this thing called bus jerky.

In that world, these bus jerky pops out of the ground like weeds do in our world. And the equivalent of beings can pluck them off and fry them and eat them. Or they can dry them and store them to rehydrate them and eat another day. It’s a poor source of protein and carbohydrate in the form of some sugar and some natural (plant-equivalent) fats.

Once, in that world, there was a great drought, followed by a great famine. There was a frugal old man (equivalent) who had pluck and harvested and dried and stored bus jerky as a hobby or sport, and then he opened up his store and gave away all his accumulation of bus jerkies and saved a lot of beings from starvation.

After that time the beings would eat bus jerky every now and then to honour this sadness or gratitude or happiness or whatever, probably a messy mix of sentiments.

When a youngling (juvenile being) misbehave an adult might pick off a particularly long piece of bus jerky to cane the youngling with and then make the youngling eat it for the next meal. As in that’s all the youngling would have to eat for that next meal or day or whatever depending on how tough… The adult wanted to be.

(the bus jerky grew like sticks or twigs or tougher grass depending on how long it took for the bus, in our world, to drive between jerks, although it is also a function of how many people are on the bus and felt the jerk, it’s complicated, blah blah.)

As I am typing this on this bus ride the bus has jerked a few times and these have become bus jerkies in the other world and the long piece before that jerk just now is going to be used to smack the ass of the youngling who is going to roll its eyes at its parent (equivalent).