Everything is so meta and reflective that makes me very tired. Just a group chat what. Then nobody reply for a long time until J and K did. Then I didn’t take them for granted and thanked them for replying and wonder if I am engendering replying and engagement but it’s ok probably because i’m also just responding naturally? What are the others thinking reading our msgs and exchanges? Do I care? Should I care? I am curious but there are other things to think about.

Non-action is also an action. Just like how not duchamps toilet bowl was initially rejected… was it rejected? Zzz.

There are also others who didn’t formally sign up but are studying together. A friend said she’s going to read for an hour as today is the first day of indie studies.

I feel like I should post things on the social media but I don’t feel like also, so what. This blog or journal (I changed its title last night) is good for me, as I have control. I shared its add with two people last night. And each time I post something the blog will prompt me to share it on social media. Actually it’s not going to change the world if I post it to SM today or next year. Any real change is to my perspective. Sounds ironic, but… This is rooted in Descartes and phenomenology and Daoism and Buddhism all those. I change my perspective about the world then I will change my world. Which is the only world I can change I guess? Or at least the world I should prioritise changing before others. It’s not being selfish to be responsible to myself first. I must rmemeber this.


Thanks for my friend for sharing a learning opportunity with me this morning about rafflesias and mango trees.

I am also reading Thich Nhat Hanh, The art of living.