This is Saturday night of 31 Aug

I finished the last two chapters of Clunas’ book and realised that I was able to do it after yesterday’s reflection on why it was taking such a long time.

Took some photos of it to upload to IG but want to upload these other photos from my computer first, but i just can’t yet. Tutorial for another day: anyway updated my IG story.

Set up the Whatsapp groupchat for all the collaborations. Msged them and all. Took a screenshot of my msg.

I wanted to put the photos here first but I’m already tired from the day, it’s on my phone and now i’m working on my computer. I did a lot of other things but I don’t feel like I want to blog about it. I went for a class and practiced some skills. My left middle toe feels numb. I had a late lunch today had duck rice. Had a nice dinner with my husband and my parents-in-law. Didn’t take any pictures there, we should have. Maybe next time.

Also learnt not to press esc when I’m updating a blog post.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • read this goffman erving presentation of self in everyday thing

  • another class

  • another family meal

  • another family meal yes got two on sunday

  • practice another skill

  • edit the essay

  • Reflect on this intellectual property thing that I was reminded of today

  • Oh yah, what, self-study for 3 hours or so?

On my blog the new day begins with dawn. This is Saturday night.