What I did today

I did a lot today but it feels like not enough. I set up these pages and this blog. I also set up the facebook group but I think we will keep it private until it begins on 1 Sept and I will post the link here.

I also updated the open call and added in the image ahdini made and some other information.

I wrote a long ass essay this morning - about why I should do all these things on the internet, following what’s been happening or exchanged since I submitted and opened the invitation for collaborators and in there I cited some people, from whom I’m trying to get their permission to share this essay. I hope i can share it soon.

I do this blog because I think facebook group is too bulky it makes me feel so out of control, and in appropriate to post a long-ass thing in, there so I’m going to post it here and then link it there. This blog is more like my own journal thing. Although I have another journal thing. Maybe this blog will be useless after 5 days then I will delete it.

This interdependent studies and socially dis/engaged art is like making me sort out my social media which I have been idling for the past year. but there is so much baggage.

I look through my two facebook things. I have 700 over people on my personal account and over 300 on my public artists page and then two things to update. Then there’s instagram that is lagging. And then this website also. My portfolio is not updated. And then now I have two blogs. I think I will delete the other one and change it to something else. I had an idea. I just need time and energy.

These are amongst the things I wanted to sort out but weren’t exactly the things I had wanted to study for Sept when I was thinking about it in Jul.

I also read two Chapters of Clunas’s Elegant debts. Wish I can faster finish it, maybe I will do it later.

Lunch: Tomyam Banmian, at the vegetarian place, but I don’t know why they added Kimchi, so maybe it was kimchi instead. and a hot lemon tea. I don’t like eating so maybe I should include details about my lunch. and for the first time in some time, I went out to eat by myself, I usually just fry some leftover or cook some instant things, so it’s a significant breakthrough for me. I had a late lunch, at 2 pm, because I was writing in the morning and it’s what happens when I get engrossed with writing and why I think it’s bad for my health and why I should pursue other things.

I don’t know who is going to read these things but maybe I will some time later. no, no. Somebody will. You will. I am writing these for you to read. You can leave me a comment but I might not reply. But thanks for leaving me a comment anyway. But thanks for reading. You’re welcome for my writing. Let’s just enjoy each others’ company across time and space.

Oh by the way, I don’t proofread my posts but I may edit it later. I enjoy writing a lot more than editing. And life is short.